Marriage License Frequently Asked Questions

Marriage License Requirements:

  • Both must be 18 years old or older (if either party is under 18, please see requirements below)
  • There is no waiting period, blood test or physical requirement.
  • The marriage license is valid for 30 days, including the date issued.
  • The marriage license is valid anywhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

How can we obtain our marriage license?

  • Both parties must apply for the license together.
  • Both must present an acceptable form of ID (Drivers’ license, government issued picture ID, original birth certificate, passport, or social security card)
  • Correct spelling of father’s full name and mother’s full maiden name (first, middle and last)
  • Fee of $50.50 is due in full at the time of application

What do we do after we are married?

  • The officiate will return the signed marriage application to the County Clerk’s Office. It will be filed with the County Clerk and a Marriage License will be issued to the couple.
  • When changing your maiden name, you will take your marriage license to the Social Security Administration.
  • Upon receiving clearance from the Social Security Administration, then you may change your name on your driver’s license.

Minister Requirements

  • The “recognition” of a minister can take the form of ordination or license, or any other form which expresses clearly the fact that a religious group recognizes the person or looks to the person as a minister of that specific group. Currently, there is not a registration process for a minister to preform ceremonies in Kentucky.

Need a copy of a marriage license?

  • For a marriage license copy request, the following fees are required:
    • Photocopy: $0.50 per page
    • Certified copy: $5.00 per certified copy

Requirements to marry a person under the age of 18

  • Must be 16 years of age. Neither party can be under 16 may be issued a marriage license without an order from the District Court. The bride must be pregnant before the court will issue an order.
  • A female minor must make application in the county of her parent’s residence, but can get married in another county after she has completed the requirements for the license.
  • A Consent to Marriage Form (84-FCC-501) is required. This must be completed, witnessed, signed by the parents or legal guardian of the minor, and sworn by the deputy clerk. (A guardian must bring the document affirming guardianship).
  • One parent or legal guardian* and two witnesses 18 years old or older, must sign the Consent to Marriage Form for each minor.
  • If the parents of either minor are divorced, custody papers are required to sign the Consent to Marriage Form.
  • Birth Certificate and Driver’s License/State ID

NOTE: Legal guardian must have full guardianship. Kentucky does not marry minors whose parents reside outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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